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False Ceiling Singapore is proudly developed by Ceiling Heroes. Ceiling Heroes is definitely one of the most reputable and leading false ceiling company with many workers fully equipped with the necessary tools, vast experience and a detailed workmanship. We have wide and diverse portfolio includes residential and commercial projects including offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated developments and shopping malls.

False Ceiling Singapore Location Map

Ceiling Heroes is strategically located at Eunos Ave 6, Singapore. Location is easily accessible to the Eunos MRT which can get to other parts of Singapore. There are other advantages in this industrial area, our transport can bring workers to work area and we can also get the necessary tools, equipment easily as different job sites require different stuffs. We can also conveniently clear debris and bring certain materials to the recycling area. We look to improve the way false ceiling is done, by using better methods and ways.

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TypeFalse Ceiling Singapore
AddressEunos Ave 6
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False Ceiling Singapore

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Background History of False Ceiling Singapore

False ceiling, L Box, Cornice and ceiling tiles were being used in Japan for aesthetic reasons as early as the Muromachi Period (1337 to 1573). Blackfriars Theater in London, England, built in 1596, had false ceilings to aid acoustics.

U. S. Patent No. 1,470,728 for modern false ceilings was applied for by E. E. Hall on May 28, 1919 and granted on October 16, 1923.[3] Initially modern false ceilings were built using interlocking tiles and the only way to provide access for repair or inspection of the area above the tiles was by starting at the edge of the false ceiling, or at a designated “key tile”, and removing contiguous tiles one at the right time before desired host to access was reached. The fix or inspection was finished Once, the tiles needed to be reinstalled. This technique could be extremely time-consuming and expensive. On September 8, 1958 Donald A. Brown of Westlake, Ohio filed for a patent for Accessible Suspended Ceiling Construction. This invention provided suspended ceiling construction in which access may readily be obtained at any desired location. Patent Number US 2,984,946 A was granted on May 23, 1961.[4] Brown features sometimes been credited being the inventor of the dropped ceiling [5] despite the fact that other patents preceded his as proven in the desk below.

Design Objectives of False Ceiling Singapore

Effective setting up design requires balancing multiple objectives: aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, and integration with the building’s infrastructure-not to say cost of construction in addition to long-term procedure costs.

Aesthetics of False Ceiling Singapore

Modern false ceilings were created to hide the building infrastructure initially, including piping, wiring, and/or perhaps ductwork, by creating a good plenum space above the false ceiling, while allowing access for repairs and inspections. false ceiling may be used to hide problems also, such as for example structural damage. Even more, false ceiling may also conceal the sprinkler devices while providing total fire suppression functionality even so.

For quite some time, false ceilings were manufactured from basic white tiles, but modern innovations now provide a plethora of options in sizes, colors, components (including retro designs and faux leather, wood, or metal), visual effects and shapes, patterns, and textures and also support systems and ways to access the plenum. Custom runs of specialty false ceiling tiles can be done at low cost compared with the past relatively.

Acoustics of False Ceiling Singapore

Acoustic control and balance was another early on objective of false ceiling.
A noisy bedroom can overstimulate occupants, while a quiet interior may seem to be dull and uninviting too.

The acoustic performance of suspended false ceiling has improved over time dramatically, with increased sound attenuation and absorption. That is sometimes attained by adding insulation referred to as Audio Attenuation Batts (SABs), additionally known as “audio batts”, above the panels to greatly help deaden looks and hold adjacent bedrooms quieter.

Environmental factors
Indoor environmental quality
Indoor environmental quality includes ventilation, VOC emissions, lighting and thermal system control, thermal comfort, utilization of daylight for normal illumination, acoustics, and optimization of outdoor watch availability.

Sustainability of False Ceiling and Cornice Singapore

Many manufacturers of modern false ceilings include sustainability as an objective. Sustainable features may include:

Energy efficiency, including daylight efficacy and thermal insulating characteristics. This uses the ceiling plane to reflect daylight along with electrical illumination to maximise lumen efficacy, which also enhances the comfort and usability of interior spaces. A common measure of the light reflectance of a ceiling material is definitely ASTM E 1477 for Light Reflectance (LR-1). A level of about 75% is considered good, although higher levels are possible.
Reduced resources needed for construction of the tiles
Recyclable/reused/renewable materials
Integration with infrastructure
Integration with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) is important with false ceilings, since most of these systems are by definition above the false ceiling. Fortunately, most ceiling system products are designed with this integration at heart now. Decisions here may also affect aesthetics in addition to access and maintenance. However not applicable to cornices and L-Box.

Cost of False Ceiling and Cornice in Singapore

False ceilings may have an improved return on investment (ROI) over open false ceilings

Suspension Grids of False Ceiling Singapore

A typical false ceiling consists of a grid-work of metal channels in the shape of an upside-down “T”, suspended on wires from the overhead structure. These stations snap on a regularly spaced style of cells mutually. Each cell is certainly then filled up with light in weight false ceiling tiles or “panels” which merely drop in to the grid. The principal grid types happen to be “Standard 1″ (15/16 deal with), Slimline (9/16” grid), and concealed grid.

In america the cell size in the suspension grids is normally either 2 ft × 2 ft or 2 ft × 4 ft and the ceiling tiles will be the same size. In Europe the cell size in the suspension grids is usually 600×600 mm, while the ceiling tiles are slightly smaller at 595mm x 595mm or 595mm x 1195mm.

Concealed Grid of False Ceiling Singapore

Interlocked panels can be “slid” across and out of the grid
An older, less common type of dropped ceiling is the concealed grid program. This sort of dropped ceiling employs a way of interlocking panels into the other person and the grid with the application of tiny strips of steel called ‘splines’, so so that it is difficult to remove panels to gain access above the ceiling without damaging the set up or the panels. Normally, these type of ceilings will have a “important panel” (usually in the corner) which may be removed, allowing for the additional panels to become slid out from the grid (a series of metal channels called ‘z bars’) one by one, until eventually removing the desired panel. This type of ceiling is normally additionally found in more aged installations or installations where usage of above the ceiling is normally considered unnecessary.

This technique has some major disadvantages when compared to more prevalent “drop panel” system, most the issue in removing and reattaching panels from the grid notably, which in some full cases can cause irreparable damage to the panels removed. Finding substitute panels for this sort of dropped ceiling is now increasingly more tricky as demand for them is normally slowing, as is development of the proper parts. Small clips remain available which enable tiles to become inserted into gaps in the ceiling where a tile is definitely missing, they work by being positioned on the advantage of a concealed tile, after that becoming slid along as the tile is definitely positioned to ‘lock’ it in place.

Stretch False Ceiling Singapore

With similar advantages to a dropped ceiling, a stretch ceiling is normally used to conceal pipework, wires or the existing ceiling. Moreover there is often a broad selection of color or texture and the membrane could be manipulated right into a selection of shapes.

White Matte Stretch Out False Ceiling Singapore In a Home

A stretch out false ceiling is a suspended false ceiling system in fact it is manufactured from three main components

Perimeter Track – Plastic material or perhaps Aluminium PVC.
Membrane – a good PVC or perhaps Nylon materials Typically, lightweight bedding are made to size/form from roll material. Can be imprinted or painted to achieve the desired effect.
Harpoon or Capture – That is ultrasonically welded to the advantage of the sheet or perhaps membrane found in the factory, the edging slot machines in to the perimeter monitor to keep carefully the ceiling set up.
When installing a stretch out ceiling, semi-concealed plastic material/aluminum track, the desired choice for most designers and architects, is cut to size and fixed to the perimeter of the ceiling area. The membrane can be stretched and the harpoon or capture advantage is clipped in to the track.[12] Stretching is aided by heating up the membrane or sheet prior to fitting.

Safety Issues of False Ceiling and Cornice Singapore

In older buildings the space above the false ceiling was often used as a plenum space for ventilation systems, requiring only enclosed ducts that deliver fresh air into the room below, with return air entering the false ceiling space through open grilles across the false ceiling. This practice is now used less frequently in new construction.[citation needed]

In the event that the dropped false ceiling is used as a plenum, low-voltage cables and wiring not really installed inside conduit have to use a particular low-smoke cigarettes and low-toxicity wire insulation that may have a tendency to char and prevent burning alone. This will help to safeguard building occupants to ensure that they aren’t poisoned with toxic chemical compounds sucked through the ventilation program in case of a fire, and helps to prevent fires from spreading within the hidden plenum space. This unique low-smoke cable is typically referred to as plenum cable or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH or LS0H) cable. While twisted pair cable for networking and telephone service is the most common type of plenum cable, coaxial cable also needs to be plenum-rated for safety.

High-voltage electrical gear (generally regarded as being over 50 volts) is not permitted to end up being exposed in the plenum space over a false ceiling. Superior voltage wiring should be enclosed in raceways or conduit, and should be isolated from low-voltage wiring physically. High voltage electric devices should be enclosed in a plenum space similarly, in the metallic container. In the same way, electric outlets for domestic driven devices aren’t permitted inside plenum space, though outlets could be mounted on false ceiling tiles inside electric boxes, with the sockets exposed externally bottom encounter of the false ceiling. The purpose of these restrictions is definitely to limit flame propagate within the unseen plenum space, in the event of substantial voltage products or wiring failing. Low voltage cabling is normally permitted because current move is typically negligible so the risk of overheating and fire is limited.

In earthquake prone areas (e.g., California) diagonal wire stays are often required by building codes so as to guarantee the false ceiling grid won’t sway laterally during an earthquake, which can result in partial or total collapse of the false ceiling grid on the occupants underneath during a extreme tremor. Compression articles may also be put into keep carefully the false ceiling from bouncing vertically during a great earthquake.

Lights and different devices mounted in a false ceiling must come to be firmly secured to the false ceiling framework. In case of a fire above a false  ceiling it can often be essential for firemen to need to draw down the false ceiling in a rush to quickly access the conflagration. Loose fixtures basically resting in the framework by push of gravity can become unseated and swing down on their armorflex electricity cables to hit the firemen below. Binding the fixtures to the framework assures that if the framework must be pulled down the fixture will come down with it and not become a pendulous swinging hazard to the firemen.

Advantages of False Ceiling Singapore

Fire safety
To address fire safety, false ceiling tiles made from mineral fibres, plastic, tin, composite, or fire-rated wood panels can be utilized within the structure to meet acceptable specifications/ratings. Some tiles, in particular situations, can offer the needed extra resistance to meet up the “time score” necessary for many fire code, metropolis ordinance, professional, or other very similar building construction restrictions. Fire ratings for false ceiling panels range predicated on the elements applied, the preparation of every panel, and the basic safety testing and alternative party evaluation completed to determine where and how they can be safely installed. In the UK it can be required for the tiles from certain manufacturers to be clipped into the grid with special false ceiling clips in order to provide a fire rating; there are special tiles designed for the underside of mezzanine floors however that can give a fire rating without being clipped.

False ceilings have a further advantage in that they can be mounted underneath fire sprinklers, hiding the sprinklers for a more attractive appearance thus. When set up underneath fire sprinklers, specific requirements for elements, applications, unit installation, and repair of false ceilings should be met as a way to adhere to fire safety rules. (The light paper Drop-out Ceiling Panels-A Dialogue on Their Employ With Fire Sprinklers, referenced by the article, is usually available here)

Ease of Modification of False Ceiling Singapore

Another advantage of a false ceiling is that the easily removed false ceiling panels offer instant access to the plenum, greatly simplifying repairs or alterations.

Wiring and piping installed behind traditional plaster or wallboard false ceilings is extremely difficult to change once the done false ceiling is set up. Cables must either get fished through hollow spaces in the walls behind the finished ceiling, or the false ceiling should be demolished to ensure that piping or wiring changes to be produced.

On the other hand, the tiles and other areas of a dropped or stretch out false  ceiling are easily removed to allow access to the area above the grid to do any necessary wiring or plumbing modifications. In the event of remodelling, nearly all parts of the grid can be dismantled and reassembled somewhere else.

In office buildings, the false ceiling is often used in conjunction with hollow steel studs to construct tiny office spaces away of a much bigger cavernous space. Different and Wiring products and services are tell you the wide open false ceiling, through the hollow stud walls down, and to outlets in the work areas. If business demands change, the office spaces are easily dismantled and the overall cavernous space reconfigured with a distinct floor plan.

In older structures that have noticed multiple renovations over time, it is not uncommon for a false ceiling to have been installed in one renovation and then subsequently removed in another, its installation having been an inexpensive fix to prolong the time between major renovations.

Disadvantages of False Ceiling Singapore

One drawback with this false ceiling program is reduced headroom. Clearance is necessary between your grid and any pipes or ductwork above to set up the false ceiling tiles and light fittings. In general, the very least clearance of 100 to 200 millimetres (4 to 8 in) can often be needed between your lowest obstruction and the amount of the false ceiling grid. A direct-mount grid may work for individuals who want the convenience of a dropped false ceiling, but have limited headroom. Stretch false ceiling supports require less than one inch of vertical space, and no space is necessary for tiles to get lifted out with a good stretch out false ceiling, but a greater clearance space could be chosen to allow room for MEC or for aesthetic reasons.

False ceilings generally conceal many of the structural and functional components of a building, creating a great aesthetic paradigm that discourages the application of functional building devices as aesthetic style components. Concealing these components will make the complexity of today’s advanced setting up technologies more challenging to appreciate. Additionally it is more difficult to perform maintenance on or diagnose problems with the concealed systems.

False Ceiling Contractor Can Handle All False Ceiling Issues

As a renovation tool, false ceilings are a quick and inexpensive way to repair a false ceiling or reduce HVAC costs. Some materials may show their age quickly- for example, mineral fiber sags, is damaged easily when handled, and stains easily, but stretch false ceiling, tin and vinyl do not have these characteristics.

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